vivo APEX 2019 launched; SD855, 12GB RAM with 5G connectivity!

The long anticipated vivo APEX 2019 has finally launched! It is a smartphone with zero ports or buttons, just like the Meizu Zero. Certainly something we don’t see on smartphones everyday.

vivo APEX 2019 specifications:

  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 855
  • 12GB RAM+512GB ROM
  • Hidden button sensor
  • In-screen fingerprint
  • Magnetic charging
  • Sound on Display
  • Supports 5G network

The vivo APLEX 2019 is completely built from glass material without a middle frame, achieving a true unibody design.

Being an experimental prototype, vivo doesn’t reveal the complete specifications and retail information of the APEX 2019. vivo claims that it is the first smartphone in the industry to have a complete 5G functionality despite 5G hasn’t officially been popularized yet.

Its in-screen fingerprint sensor allow the device to recognize the fingerprint anywhere in the display and users can customize certain fingerprint to unlock different app.

There will not be any volume rocker nor power button but instead all button relies on a pressure sensor on the side.

The sound of display technology removes the need of physical speakers thus allow the APEX 2019 to become a smartphone without any ports or vents.

As for charging, vivo relies on magnetic port charging where the charging cable will attach to specific place of the smartphone and initiate charging.

vivo APEX 2019 is available in black, white, black frame. vivo doesn’t unveil retail information of this smartphone but likely this model could be renamed as such the first generation vivo APEX which is then named as vivo NEX upon launch.