vivo APEX 2020 launched: 120° FullView Edgeless display, in-screen camera & 60W wireless quickcharge!

Earlier today vivo has launched their whole new flagship smartphone under the APEX line up. The vivo APEX 2020 is the new representation of technological innovation from vivo brought upon to the world. It is also bringing industrial newest in-screen front facing camera which completely hid itself under the display.

The most noticeable feature of the new flagship is the 120° Full View Edgeless display which is sized at 6.45 inches. It also brings virtual buttons on its side which relies on pressure. As the camera were hidden under the display, the speaker were to hidden under the display where vivo states that it uses third generation in-screen speaker.

The in-screen front facing camera were hidden beneath the display which is able to capture the image based on unique arrangement of circuits.

It also brings micro cloud architecture which achieves stabilization on multiple angle. This technology offers 200% more stability than conventional OIS technology and retain the video quality.

In addition, vivo APEX 2020 has a real-time passerby removal function that can perform character segmentation and background repair in real time to eliminate “passerby” in the scene. At the same time, vivo APEX 2020 also offers voice tracking based on audio directional recording technology.

As for its battery, the vivo APEX 2020 brings 60W wireless quickcharge! According to official statement, the vivo APEX 2020 can be charged 2000mAh in just 20 minutes. This is certainly a faster charging rate and conventional wired charging!


The vivo APEX 2020 is available in black and white and offers with in-screen camera, in screen speakers and industrial fastest 60W quickcharging. This is certainly a breakthrough of technological barrier.

Nonetheless, no information on its pricing and availability were revealed.