Vivo gives discounts on its smartphone again

During the end of March 2015, Several smartphone manufacturers such as Vivo has been promoting their product with lowered price upon implementation of GST. Three different Vivo models has reduced their price when it comes to April 2015 which are Xplay 3S, Y28 and Y22. However as April has almost come to an end, Vivo now announced that another set of their models will comes with lowered price tag up to RM300. As announced by Vivo Malaysian Facebook page, those models includes Vivo Xshot that is priced at RM1599 originally and now reduced to RM1299; Vivo Y27 from RM999 to RM899 and Vivo Y15 from RM 459 to RM 399 with the highest discounts up to RM 300.

Since many Vivo models now comes with discounted price, we can expect more discounts to come in other models in the future. Does this discount promotion appeals you?