vivo launches OriginOS UI, featuring Klotski Grid theme.

Earlier today, vivo has announced the all new OriginOS featuring Klotski grid, inspired from a Japanese puzzle game in which widget is applied in a grid format – rectangle or square. You can resize the widget and app icon sizes to your preference.

It also brings new kinds of dynamic wallpaper that compressing actions (e.g. flower booming) into a few seconds.

There are all new gestures added in the OriginOS where vivo claims it perform up to 26 actions with gestures.

The vivo OriginOS behavior icon presents the real and natural changes of cloudy, sunny, rainy, spring, summer, autumn and winter. Missed calls and text messages are presented in a smart reminder.

The weather display is also optimizes for different weather and season type and temperature is highlighted to perceive cold and warm at a glance.


There are no news on the applicable device to receive this update.