vivo “V1” SoC leaked, first featured in next gen vivo X70 Pro!

There are several smartphone companies has started making their own chip from company such as Samsung, Apple and so on. vivo also joins in the bandwagon into designing and making their own chip, according to a recent leak on Weibo.

In terms of appearance, it can be clearly seen that the vivo ISP chip is composed of a rectangular shape and is packaged in a BGA manner. There is no redundant code and other words on the front of the chip, only the words “V1” are displayed.

As for more details about vivo’s self-developed ISP chip, @数码闲聊站 said that this chip is a chip that the manufacturer leads R&D and function definition, and has a high level of confidentiality. However, the whistleblower said that vivo’s self-developed ISP chip will be used on the new flagship model of vivo mass production.

This is very likely to be featured in the vivo X70 Pro, which is scheduled to launch this September.