Want to experience Android M? Download the alarm app first!

If you eagerly looking to experience the material design UI in some default application from Android M, you can do it now! Google has launched the Android M Alarm clock application that features the iconic material design user interface as well as icon design.

Apart from being just another Android alarm clock or timer, this alarm application allows users to connect to their beloved Android Wear and disable the alarm through the smartwatch.

Let’s see the alarm app interface from Android M:-

The alarm app also comes with an option to select the first day of the week (whether is it on Saturday, Sunday or Monday). With the adjustment to the user preference, the alarm clock interface and functionality also will changed based on the modification.

One thing to note is this app currently supports smartphone running Android 4.4 and above! If you want to get the first taste of Android M alarm clock app, search the “clock” application in Google Play Store and voila!

Source : Google Play, Techtimes