Watch the announcement of Oppo R7 live from home!

The ultra thin smartphone – Oppo R7 is set to unveiled at 20th May at the China Beijing Olympic Center this year. All of the pricing and the availability will be announced during the launch event. However if you can’t resist the urge to receive the first hand of the Oppo R7 and the R7 Plus, check out the special feature of the R7 and R7 plus and tune in the link below to watch the livestream happening during the day!

The R7 plus is the brother of R7 which comes with a unique finger print sensor located at the rear of the smartphone. Oppo also stated this smartphone support a ultra fast shutter speed at 0.1 second, which instant beat out all camera in smartphone around the market! However, more information of these smartphones will be released during the spot, so make sure to tune in live here!