webe CEO tells you the hidden secret and dirty tactics of big Malaysian telecommunications company

When the webe telco plan has just leaked on Lowyat forum early this month, many consumers has shifted their attention onto this new telco company established in Malaysia – webe as a subsidiaries of P1 network. With RM10.60, webe promises its user to enjoy 20GB of surfing quota but this plan still remains hidden until now. Although there are SpeedTest result leaked for this new telco, the “Pioneer Plan” from webe has yet open for public.

Recently, webe CEO has posted 5 videos at once that tells you the secrets and dirty tactics used by Malaysian telco in promoting their network that promises “unlimited” plan and “high speed 4G network”


1. Never trust what our telco tells

Webe CEO explains that the 4G LTE network isn’t the fastest network nor it provides the largest coverage within Malaysia. The 4G LTE network speed varies in different place and the unlimited calls and text from local telcos usually comes with a limit where the subscriber have no idea about it.


2. 4G might the fastest, but not everytime

CC Puan, webe CEO stated that although the 4G LTE network has higher bandwidth compared to 3G, but it is largely affected by radio signals, tower reception and signal reception from your smartphone. He explains that 4G network is like a highway, which usually comes with tolls and frequent traffic jam (due to high volume of user) which slows down the network. Meanwhile, the 3G has “less vehicles” and might have faster network connection and interruption compared to 4G “vehicle-packed highway”


3. Largest coverage plan might not be the best

Unless you are everywhere at all time, the additional 3% to 4% coverage area has no significant impact for users that always reside in their home or office. The larger coverage area is usually committed for better 3G calls but not internet connection quality.


4. Unlimited doesn’t looks good as it seems

Although most telco in Malaysia has promised their subscriber with unlimited calls and texts, these plan usually comes with terms and condition while user might not even bother to read about it. The “unlimited” is just a marketing phrase to attract more consumer to their business.


5. Plans & Pricing Mind Games

To attract customers from other telcos, Malaysian telcos has the habit to compare the features and pricing of their plan with other telcos. Besides, there is also trend that encourage users to subscribe for higher price plan in their network where telco may deem it is a necessity for the subscribers.

P.s.: Have a look on the colour of clothes in different video 😉

Source : cari