Western Digital HGST launches Ultrastar Hs14 harddrive with 14TB storage!

Soon after reaching their milestone of storing 12TB of data in a single hard-drive, thanks to HAMR technology, Western Digital subsidiaries HGST has now broken the boundaries by pushing the storage limit to 14TB in a single unit of hard-drive.


All data is densely packed in each disc with 1034GB per square inch and filled with Helium. With a rough estimate from a 8-disc hard drive, this enterprise class SMR HDD is able to store 1.75TB per disc.

The Ultrastar Hs14 offers SATA 6Gbps and SAS 12Gbps port with 512MB memory and rotation speed at 7200rpm with delay at 4.16ms. It’s able to reach a data transfer speed at 233Mb/s and average fault time per 2.5 million operation hours.

Western Digital has bring the Ultrastar Hs14 samples to OEM manufacturers and offers consumer warranty for 5 years.

More details on the spec sheet below.