WhatsApp discontinue services for old smartphones

With over billions of active user each day, WhatsApp has officially announced that they will discontinue support and even halt on service by 2021 for old smartphones and mobile phones as below.



Here are few OS and mobile phones affected with the support discontinuation.

  • Android 2.3.3 or below
  • Window Phone 8
  • iPhone 3GS or iOS 6
  • Nokia Symbian S60
  • BlackBerry OS and BlackBerry 10

And for those who use Nokia S40, Android 2.3.7 or iOS 7 and before, it is no longer possible to create a new account. The Nokia S40 services halts on 31st Dec 2018 while the rest discontinued on 1st February 2020. The newer generation aren’t affected


If you are stuck with old smartphone and willing to upgrade soon, you can head here to migrate your chat to your new smartphone. Tutorials for chat backup shown here: Android | iOS | Window Phone | Nokia S40