WhatsApp new CVE exposes audio & chat with a malicious MP4 files

Recently, Facebook has patched a new vulnerability codenamed “CVE-2019-11931” which is targeted for WhatsApp. Hackers will be sending the MP4 to its target and once the MP4 has started, chat messages and voice recording will be exposed. 

This particular exploit is vulnerable for Facebook across all platforms, including iOS, Android and Windows Phone. It is discovered by the security analyst which is then patched immediately.

If you are running version as below, do remember to update your app today!

  • Versions prior to Android version 2.19.274
  • Versions prior to iOS version 2.19.100
  • Enterprise client version of WhatsApp before 2.25.3
  • Includes WhatsApp for Windows Phone versions prior to 2.18.386
  • Business client for Android version 2.19.104
  • iOS Business before 2.19.100