Win a Galaxy Note 9 in Samsung’s Unleash Your ImagineNation contest

Are you a fan of doodling? Samsung has a new contest named “Unleash Your ImagineNation” in which you can doodle your image taken by your smartphone and express your creativity to win a new Samsung Galaxy Note 9!


Simply follow the steps below to participate:

1. Take photos according to the theme

2. Graffiti on the photo according to the theme

3. Upload to your instagram, #ImagineNationNote9 and @SamsungMalaysia

4. Remember to set your photo as “public”

There are 3 different themes on each weeks and as below.

1: Chiller than Chill (December 21-30, 2018)

2: Chitter Chatter (January 1 to 10, 2019)

3: Eat, Eat, Eat (January 14-24, 2019)

This game opens to Malaysian citizens who are 18 years of age or older  and need to follow @SamsungMalaysia’s Instagram account. Prize includes 600 pieces of SelfieMuseum tickets and two Samsung Galaxy Note 9, You can easily win Selfie Museum tickets by participating any of the theme and image were judged by creativity.

To win the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, you need to submit at least one photo for each theme. Of course, you will need a review from Samsung to decide whether you will win this competition. The winners of the Selfie Museum tickets will be announced once each topic submission is completed and 200 winners will be announced in each round. The winners of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will be announced on January 30th. Winners of the awards are required to provide their personal information to Samsung by February 8, 2019, otherwise they will be considered invalid.

Click on this link to learn more about this contest