Win an iPhone X or Huawei P10 when you pay off your PTPTN!

Coming to the end of 2017, there are still massive amount of PTPTN borrower who has yet to repay their education debt to those who provided assistance for their studies when in need. Nonetheless, PTPTN will be giving out one unit of iPhone X and 19 units of Huawei P10 to those lucky winner who repay their loan with amount up to RM1000. It’s that easy to repay your loan and stand a chance to win a smartphone in next year.

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If you had subscribed to auto deduction for monthly PTPTN repayment, simply top up the addition amount to RM1000 or more to stand a chance to win these new smartphones!


Heads up to PTPTN branch or online banking to repay your loan and win a new iPhone X next year!