World first 6GB RAM smartphone – VIVO XPlay 5 leaked!

The Vivo next launch event at Beijing National Aquatics Center is going to happening soon and we have confirmed that Vivo is going to launch the world first flagship smartphone with 6GB RAM – Vivo XPlay 5. With no much details on specifications has known yet, the design for the XPlay 5 has leaked which seems to feature a dual curved edge display as seen on Galaxy S7 Edge!



On the rear of the smartphone, it can be seen that the the Vivo XPlay 5 comes with a slightly protruded camera on the rear and a tiny square sized fingerprint senor on the rear panel.



This leaked design from @JetainmeTech in Weibo is consistent with the teaser images and detail from Vivo official. Currently, the premium variant is  rumored to comes with a premium Snapdragon 820 process, 6GB RAM along with 2K display. The standard version comes with Snapdragon 652 and 4GB RAM and the same 2K display.

Nevertheless, stay tuned at Zing Gadget for more updates of the Xplay 5!

vivoxplay 5