WWDC 2015 – What’s new from Apple

In the WWDC debuted few hours ago, Apple has unveiled its new generation of mobile operation system – the Apple iOS 9. This time, the iOS 9 does features as much of new functionality as the iOS 8 initially launched. However, the iOS 9 has more focus towards improvement of user experience with lot more convenience.

One of the newest feature of the iOS 9 is the “Proactive”. This features greatly enhance the functionality of Siri as well as Spotlight. iOS 9 can also help them in analysing the email and other contact info thus allow you to instanly recognizes other party identity when a call is received.

Apple Pay is now more open. Despite its previous attitude towards third party vendor or loyalty services, Apple has now open its software available to more vendors and it is now entering Britian next month.

The pre-installed memo app also comes with new features where user can now add drawing or scale instead of typing text. Thus, users can now put into more creative ideas instantly onto the smartphone and save it for further use.

The new maps update favours those rely on public transport and walking. Frequent walkers can now plan their journey to check on latest update on the road while deciding which public transport to take next.

Apple News is just another news distribution platform where users can check on the latest update of their prefered content.

New update on the keyboard! the QuickType allows users to quickly selected the ideal words while offering cut, copy and paste features.

Seems familiar? This is the new Apple SplitScreen which boosts iPad multitasking ability!

Apple’s new resizable mutlitask window

The new iOS 9 was promised to comes with longer battery life. This tiny improvement allows the iPhone 6 to perform with a higher battery efficiency which is a must feature for all iOS device.

The iOS 9 will be officially released on upcoming autumn while the developer beta is now available for download. Suprisingly, the iOS 9 will also be amobile to make available on Apple iPhone 4 and iPad 2.


Source: ifanr

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