Xiaomi cooperates with Huawei in the release of Xiaomi Smart Watch

With the recent hype from release of Apple Watch, Xiaomi has taken this golden opportunity and planned to release their own smartwatch in the end of 2015. This time, Xiaomi has cooperated with Huawei in the design and manufacturing of Xiaomi smartband 2 and Smart Watch. Besides NFC, the Smart Watch may features a new revolutionary technology – Pulse wave velocity identification that can be utilized in human identification in payment process. The development of this technology is highly challenging as it will consume high electrical power.

“Xiaomi also will be implementing the sensors from their smartband into the Smart Watch which makes it function as fitness tracker and a healthcare companion ” Wang Wei stated. In terms of its pricing, Wang Wei promises that Smart Watch will comes a price tag that will impress the world just like their smartband launch.

Source: 36Kr