Xiaomi Mi Festival bring back revenue up to RMB 20.8 Billion!

The recent launch of 5 newest product from Xiaomi in the Mi Festival happening at Beijing has returned with a great response. Xiaomi reported that they have managed to sold 212 million smartphone with total revenue up to RMB 20.8 billion. Among the top 5 products released on Mi Festival are Xiaomi Redmi 2A, Xiaomi Note Feminine edition, Xiaomi TV 2, Xiaomi weighting balance and Xiaomi wirecord extension. 

The best selling product on the Mi Festival is Xiaomi smartphone. With 212 million amount sold, it sums up the large portion of Xiaomi revenue after event. 3.86 million Xiaomi TV 2. 7.9 million pieces of Xiaomi router, 40.3 million pieces of Xiaomi powerbank, 24.7 million piece ofXiaomi wire extension and 45 thousand piece of Xiaomi weighting balance were sold during the day. With such great sale result, Xiaomi managed to reach the sales revenue at RMB 20.8 billion!

Last year, Xiaomi has sold 611,20,000 Xiaomi smartphone which provides revenue around 700 billion. It was listed as one of the top smartphone and electronics manufacturer in China and expect to continue this trend in this year.