Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 launched – priced from RM662 to RM861!

Apart from the Redmi Note 3 launch, Xiaomi also introduce the next generation of the Mi Pad 2 that runs on Android and Windows 10!



The new Mi Pad features a metallic finish body with thickness at 6.95mm which is much thinner compared to first generation of Mi Pad.



The Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 will be available in rose gold and silver grey.



It alos sports a 7.9 inches Sharp display with resolution at 2048 x 1536 (similar with iPad mini 4).



Processor wise, the Mi Pad 2 runs on 14nm process Intel X5 processor and comes with 2GB LPDDR3 RAM. It alos comes with 16 and 64GB of total internal storage for selection.



The Mi Pad 2 sports front and rear camera with total resolution at 5MP and 8MP respectively.



With a resolution higher than 1080P, Xiaomi added a 6190mAh battery and supports quick charge technology for longer tablet usage time.



The USB Type C port allows faster read/write time during data transfer.



The 16GB Mi Pad 2 is priced at RMB 999 (~RM662) while the 64GB variant is priced at RMB 1299 (~RM861).



Besides, Xiaomi also introduce the Mi Pad 2 running Windows 10! This Mi Pad is compatible with almost all Windows software and application and supports the compatibility of MS Office and WPS office



The Windows 10 Mi pad 2 is priced at RMB1299 (~RM861).

MIUI for Pad



Xiaomi official has promised exciting new content for the Mi Pad which includes 60 thousands e-book and 580 thousands hours of essential videos and also 3300 mobile games!

Source: Weibo