Xiaomi Mix Alpha 5G concept phone launched, retails at RM11760!

Apart from the Xiaomi 9 Pro 5G, Xiaomi also introduced a new concept phone named Xiaomi Mix Alpha. It adds much more innovative technology which including 100 megapixel camera, in-screen camera, surrounding display, 5G network support which showcases its tech innovation throughout the years.


With the screen that wraps around the smartphone, the Mi Mix Alpha is crowned with 180.6% screen to body ratio!

The idea of wrapping the screen around the display makes some cools effect especially during notification arrives or showing the charging level.

The screen can even be pressed and act as a volume rocker and display battery level, notification and more.


It can detects which exact side is facing the user and act accordingly. The side display will then be used as application center which switches between different app depending on environment.

The top and bottom is made up of titanium alloy while ceramic is used for the camera module. The camera lens is made up of sapphire glass.

The Xiaomi Mix Alpha has launched a 100 megapixel lens with a sensor size of 1/1.33 inches. Its camera size is twice that of a 48 megapixel lens. It can shoot 12032x9024p photos. This lens also supports 1.6um pixel size while powered with ISOCELL Plus technology, four-axis optical stabilization and other features.

There are total of 3 camera where 100MP lens for its primary, 20MP for its wide angle and 12MP for portrait mode.

Spec wise, it runs on Snapdragon 855 SoC, 12GB RAM, 512GB ROM, 5G dual SIM, 4050mAh battery with 40W quickcharge and 1.0cc large speaker.

As it is a concept phone for now, it will be manufactured at small scale and retails at RMB 19,999.


Xiao Mi