Xiaomi new bluetooth headset is one of the lightest and cheapest

One the 10 of June, Xiaomi released the 6TB network router that comes with an impressive price tag which promising high functionality. This time, Xiaomi also announce a new Bluetooth headset that is pretty light, at 6.5g!

The pictures above are the latest Xiaomi Bluetooth headset which comes a simplistic design and a plastic build which constitutes its light weight in general. Weights at 6.5g and 5.6 long, the Xiaomi Bluetooth headset is as short and as thin as a finger.

This headset comes with noise-cancellation microphone and a Bluetooth 4.1 technology that allows seamless voice transfer into the headset. It also supports up to 5 hours total talk time and able to standby for a week.

The Xiaomi Headset is currently priced at RMB79 (RM48) and available at China from 18 June. Looks like Malaysian have to wait for Xiaomi to import and distribute it locally!