Xiaomi Redmi 2 Unboxing!

Hello everyone!! Today I am very honored to unbox the Xiaomi Redmi 2. This is my first unboxing so I’m pretty nervous ≧◡≦. Since the Redmi receive much response on their first release, Xiaomi now introduced the Xiaomi Redmi 2 during the hype and expect to get greater response. Without further ado, Let open up the box!

The Redmi 2 box follows the conventional design of Xiaomi which has ‘Mi’ word pasted on the top right corner. There is no extra gimmicky design in the box as the phone was perfectly fitted in the box.

Say Hi to RedMi 2! It looks slim doesn’t it?

Proudly presents Xiaomi Redmi 2! The back cover felt as smooth as baby skin. Any Mi fans there amazed by the pure white simplistic design and want to bring it back home? If you are no fan of white, there are 4 other colour available such as grey, yellow, green and pink.

Let see what extra accessories that comes with the box! There is a power adapter and a battery, that’s it.

*Inserts battery to the Redmi 2…* Guess what I found? 2 SIM slots, and of course 2 SIM standby and 2 4G LTE connectivity! *Started thinking how fast could it be…*

After booting up, we will see 3 virtual buttons that is the recent activity button followed by home and back button.

(From top to bottom) Volume rocker and power button is found in the right side of the phone! P.s.: Home button+ Volume Down = Screenshot

Interested in the camera? The Redmi 2 comes with 2MP front facing camera and 8MP rear camera.

The image taken from rear camera looks nice! The whole photo looks clear but slightly darker.

Lastly, this is my selfie! (◕‿◕✿)  The picture quality does seems as good as I expected. Looks like there is room for future improvement in the front camera!

Conclusion: The Redmi 2 is only 9.4mm thick which I felt great while holding it in my hand. The 4.7 inches display isn’t oversized and look good. In terms of the design, the Redmi 2 does appear similar as the Xiaomi 2~ Although 1GB of RAM isn’t sufficient but Redmi 2 should be a decent phone.

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Author credit: Noel.Leng