Xiaomi: “There is no Xiaomi Mix Nano!”

With the Xiaomi Mix has reached endless demand and near zero supplies, it is rumored that there will be a Xiaomi Mix Nano rolling out in the near future with promises of mass production and no need for pre-orders. However, Xiaomi official has denied this claim and stated that there will not be a smartphone named Xiaomi Mix Nano in the future.

小米MIX Nano来了?官方否认 真相大跌眼球


With a bad reputation of the original rumor poster, the Xiaomi Mix Nano is a fraudulent claim that most people might fall for it. Xiaomi official speculates that it might be one of the advertising or marketing act from some other companies who tries to mimic the Xiaomi Mix and it will be revealed sooner or later when a similar smartphone was released and launched.

Source : 快科技