Xiaomi’s Android 7.0 upgrade is coming to Mi Max, Mi Note, Mi 4C & 4S!

Android 7.0 is one of the biggest thing from Google that is launched in the year 2016. As we will be soon marching to 2017, Android 7.0 has been readily available to some flagship smartphones right now despite the operating system version still remains as a minority from all Android users. However, a new leak from Xiaomi executive confirms that 4 Xiaomi devices will be receiving Android 7.0 upgrade shortly. Are you one of the users?

It is confirmed that Xiaomi Mi max, Xiaomi Note, Xiaomi 4C and Xiaomi 4S will be receiving Android Nougat in a short time. The new Android 7.0 would offer a new level of Android experience on your Xiaomi smartphone and we will keep you updated when it arrives.