XPAX KAWKAW gives you 50% more data when you subscribe data plan

If your small and limited mobile data quota is hogging your connection down everyday, maybe it’s time to subscribe XPAX data plan during the promotional period and enjoy 50% more data for what you had purchased!


There are terms and conditions applicable for this promotional package. This package is only applicable to those who aged 12 to 25 years old and currently using the latest Xpax prepaid. Those who sign up as KAWKAW SQUAD member will get 50% more data from 17th April 2017 to 17th April 2018.



To subscribe, you can either user the XPAX app or send in *118*7*1# USSD code.


Upon successful registration, you can purchase RM30 or RM50 monthly data quota which now upgraded to 7.5 and 15GB respectively. There are no any restriction for the usage of the available quota but Add-on data isn’t included in the promotional packaged.

Learn more about KAWKAW at  Xpax official site

Source : Xpax