YOODO offers data quota customization with app, 2GB/mo as low as RM20!

YOODO, a new telco startup at Malaysia has just been unveiled today and it promises to bring flexibility in data quota customization so that you can adjust your mobile data quota and call time for the best price. Everything is done through the YOODO app that includes checking remaining call times, used and remaining quota and other account information on the go. You can order your SIM there and start your journey with YOODO.

YOODO also offers more than 1000 types of combination between data quota, SMS and call so that you can customize quota you prefer. There is no hidden charge and you can opt for auto billing or reload every time when the credit is running out.

Besides, you can order your SIM through app and get it delivered without standard delivery (get it between 1 to 3 days) or express delivery within 2 hours and comes with a delivery charge at RM15 (within Klang Valley area). No fees are required for standard delivery.

To order your SIM, all you had to do is to upload passport or IC pictures and a selfie for recognition. There will be no processing fee and extra charge for registration and account information such as quota balance can be added whenever you like. However, the plan comes with 50 days of active period and will be cancelled if no reload is done after 50 days of last purchase.

For data allocation, you can get 20GB for a month for just RM20 or up to RM150 for 100GB. For the lowest pricing, you can get 50 mins call or 50 SMS for RM5 and RM3 per month, respectively. Additional addon such as 5G Facebook quota can be grabbed for RM10; 10GB YouTube can be grabbed at RM20 and 5GB Instagram can be grabbed at RM10.


While YOODO stands as subsidiary under Celcom Axiata, both company operates parallel and the 4G LTE YOODO provides is offered and covered by Celcom network.

Download YOODO on iOS and Android here