You can now sent offline messages on WhatsApp without internet!

One of the most profound problem on WhatsApp on iOS is user not able to sent any message on WhatsApp without proper internet connection. However, the new WhatsApp for iOS update has bring major changes on how the message is sent in which user can now sent offline message even when there is no internet. Let’s see how it is done


As seen on above, it is not possible to sent out message when there is no internet connection available. With the new update, the message will be temporary stored on the smartphone and will be sent toward its recipient when there is internet available.


Apart from the offline message feature, the new WhatsApp update also revamped the user interface for storage space management and user can easily manage and delete different types on contents on the phone. Simply visit Settings – Data and Storage Usage – Storage Usage to free up space. Besides, it is also possible to sent up to 30 photos and videos at once.

While this feature has been available on Android for a long time, it is good that this useful feature is implemented on iOS platform.

Source : phonearena, qooah