You can now share up to 10GB of your WEBE data with your friends till end of this year!

When it comes to a colleague, a family member or a friend, sharing always foster our relationship between each other. As Webe has previously offered their unlimited mobile internet data for just RM79 per month, data sharing which was previously restricted has been now open for all WEBE users to share it with their friends. From today onward, user can now share up to 10GB of their monthly mobile internet (which is unlimited) to their friends and family, anytime, anywhere.


As Webe has been expanding their network, it’s now possible to share 4G LTE network speed without worrying on the time limit. However, this hotspot sharing feature is only eligible for users who sign up before 1st August.

CaptureIf an unfortunate case where your location does not have webe 4G covered, you can still purchase official hotspot addons for you to share your data as cheap as RM6.36.

Source : soyacincau