You can soon use Spotify when you navigate with Waze within the app

One ideal way to kill time in traffic is to enjoy music, be it on the radio or your smartphone. With over 3 billion users worldwide, Spotify had serves free and ad-free music experience worldwide with unlimited music to listen on the go. This time, Waze has announced collaboration with Spotify that allow the music streaming app to be integrated within the app and thus user can enjoy music while driving!


This feature has been rolled out for Android users in the recent update. When Waze app is launched, music will be played directly from Spotify playlist without the need to launch the Spotify app itself.

The verge

However, skipping tracks or album can only be performed when the vehicle is in complete top. This also prevents user from using their smartphone while driving on the road.


This feature is currently available on Android platform and it is expected to arrive in iOS devices shortly.