Your privacy information be leaked from your smartphone on your wrist.

With the emerging market on the wearables, smartband that used to be expensive is now getting affordable day by days. There is also more functionality added into a smartband that focus on fitness tracking while saving your regular exercising trend on your mobile phone. Regardless of smartband such as Jawbone, Withings, Fitbit, Xiaomi, Mio, Garmin or Basis, these smartband might be leaking your personal information and activities all the time without your consent.



Based on a study on security experts from Open Effects, smartbands from the above companies suffers from vulnerability in which hackers will have a chance to monitor your personal activity and data through Bluetooth. Since the registration of such fitness tracking and monitoring requires detailed personal information, these information can be easily misused by unauthorized individuals/ hackers without your consent.



While fitness activity data might not seems to be an important concern for you, hackers will be able to track your position through your mobile phone and smartband and records your daily exercising trend in the park around you. When you are jogging in the morning, thiefs and burglars can break into your house when they notice you that you are not at home. They even can schedule a simple plan and set up a timer when they notice your daily exercising time and trend.

Although smartband from 7 brands above may have poor reputation in managing privacy and security, there might be more smartband suffers from this critical vulnerability that expose your personal identity and information to third party.