YTL Yes: Copper network to reach 200Mbps!

Despite the widespread of UniFi, Maxis Fiber etc, there are still a big chunk of Malaysia which doesn’t get a taste of speed above 20Mbps. It is mainly because of the limitation of copper wire and YTL Yes now offers a strategic resolution to reach fiber optic level network on copper network!

YTL CEO Wing K. Lee expressed that this is the newest technology from the world created by Terragraph and Gigawire. This will reduce the reliance of fiber optic network to reach 200Mbps to 300Mbps network speed.

As there are a huge portion of old buildings that still uses copper wire, their technology will be able to expand their network speed without re-installing fiber optic network.

This technology will be first trialed at Georgetown Penang and to be expanded to other area in coming time.