Zoom paid users can now choose where to store your data from 18th April onward

ZOOM, one of the most popular video call application has emerged during the COVID-19 era due to mass quarantine. However, it was also found out that ZOOM is sending encrypted data back to serves from China which raises privacy concerns of many users.

In the latest announcement by ZOOM, they will be offering a feature for paid subscribers. Paid uses will be able to select which country of the data should be stored. Currently, ZOOM has their data center located at Australia, Canada, China, Europe, India, Japan, Hong Kong, Latin America and even US.

Previously, a US research has found that ZOOM has provide encrypted data from a server located at China, even that you are not a user from China. Many users has raises speculation over the privacy concern of ZOOM along with the rising tension over the privacy speculation between HUAWEI and the US.

As for the free server, ZOOM expressed that their data will be stored locked on based on the region the ZOOM was used. It is usually stored on the server located with the region where the user uses. If you want to store your data on a specific server, you will need be a paid subscriber of ZOOM to enable this feature.

ZOOM also stated they will be spending 90 days in improving its security and privacy. With the on-going worldwide quarantine, ZOOM uses has risen from 10 million to 200 million active user per day.

Source : the vergezoom