Hands on with HUAWEI EMUI 11 with AOD, floating window for multi-task

In the HUAWEI Developer Conference that held recently, HUAWEI has launched the EMUI 11 that’s based on Android with some changes on the UX for better multi-tasking. We now have upgraded to EMUI 11 Beta and let’s have a look on the new feature!

1. AOD

Due to the nature of OLED display, Always-on Display has become a popular feature when it first introduced few years ago. Breaking from the traditional, HUAWEI has added new inspirations with Mondrian style art, contradictory space, street art and other artistic style. It allow uses to customize graffiti text and GIF image to better personalize the phone for you.


2. Better Animation

The transition animation is now revamped to a more natural flow which is certain an upgrade for its UI.


3. Floating window

Multi-window feature has always been a wanted feature who want to do both things at once. You are able to enable floating window for supported apps which you can minimize and enlarge at your preference.


4. Vibration ringtone

Instead of a dead pattern of vibration, the incoming call vibration can sync with the system ringtone (preloaded) with this update.


5. Up to 3 window with Multi-screen collaboration

For those who own HUAWEI phone and MateBook, the multi-screen sharing feature is a norm and you are now able to open up to 3 tabs from your phone through the feature.


6. Live captions

Can’t hear the audio in a loud place? Just enabled AI captions to display caption in real time with instant translation too!


7. Safer sharing

Your photo might contain unwanted exif data which you might not deliver when you send it to your friend. The new EMUI 11 removes the data when you share the file to prevent privacy leakage.

8. Secured memo

You can now protect important information in your memo with facial recognition or other supported authentication method


9. App Permission

With EMUI 11 update you can now modify permission of the application to access your private data.

Here’s all the new things on EMUI 11. If you are haven’t update, time to get one!