HUAWEI Mate Xs to come with better display, but priced even cheaper?

During the Mobile World Congress 2019, HUAWEI has launched their first foldable smartphone – the HUAWEI Mate X. There will be an update to this model which will be announced on the Mobile Word Congress this year. The first Mate X has reach over 100 thousand unit sales per month depsite hefty price tag at RMB16,999.

The new Mate Xs is set to launch this March and as the difficulties of inventing new solution went down, the pricing of a foldable smartphone for Mate Xs could be even cheaper than the Mate X first launched last year.

HUAWEI will also adds new adjustment to their design to increase hinge stability and durability. It collects users feedback and complaints and will be working toward the new model.

Wanted for more Mate Xs? Stay tuned for the launch during March!