Huawei Nova 6 series pre-orders in China: quad rear & dual front camera, 8+256GB,

Huawei will be launching all new Nova 6 series at China on 5th December. And today, Huawei China online store has now opens its pre-order for the masses.


From the poster it can be seen that the pill shaped front facing camera and a quad rear camera is now a fact. The quad rear camera focuses AI camera and OIS TELE which unbeknowingly is for AI scene optimization and OIS image stabilization. There will be 4G and 5G edition available with different colours. The Nova 6 4G will spec up to 8+128GB while the 5G will have up to 256GB.

Although there is no news on its local availability, we can expect to see the new Nova series soon (but whether 5G is available, let’s await further confirmation from Huawei)