Huawei to sue US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for violating US law?!

Huawei headquarter in Shenzhen has recently raised a legal lawsuit against US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for violating US law and other orders.

On November 22 this year, the U.S. FCC voted to issue a ban on HUAWEI and ZTE, requiring U.S. rural telecommunications operators to remove HUAWEI and ZTE equipment. The main reason for this is that the FCC believes that HUAWEI and ZTE and the Chinese government and military agencies shared their communication for potential confidential information.

HUAWEI Chief Legal Officer Song Liuping said in a press conference that the US FCC claimed that HUAWEI threatened US national security but did not provide any evidence, and pointed out that the FCC ’s move was an administrative intervention in the market and violated the US Constitution law.

He also stated that theFCC did not provide any evidence, but it was based on speculation. This decision is the same as the US Department of Commerce ’s move to include HUAWEI in the entity ’s lightness in May. The motives may more fond towards political rather than security considerations.

HUAWEI also stated that the FCC ban hurts etiquette of people and businesses in remote areas of the United States, because other communication equipment manufacturers such as Nokia and Ericsson’s products are more expensive than Chinese companies such as HUAWEI. Song Liuping also pointed out that although the FCC ban HUAWEI will only cause a small loss, but it will cause a reputational loss to HUAWEI.