iPhone 8 and 8 Plus battery capacity is significantly lower than iPhone 7

As the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus has been available to purchase in certain countries, iFixit has did a quick teardown on the iPhone 8 and they instantly found that the battery size has shrunk significantly compared to iPhone 7. As for hardware arrangement, it’s pretty much the same as the previous iPhone 7. Here’s what they found.

iPhone 8电池容量揭晓:缩水太严重


As seen on the picture, the iPhone 8 is only equipped with a 1821 mAh battery with 3.82v, 6.96Wh and manufactured by Huapu Technology at China. In contrast with older generation iPhone, the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus has a battery sized at 1810mAh and 1715mAh while the iPhone 7 offers a 1960mAh battery.

iPhone 8电池容量揭晓:缩水太严重iPhone 8电池容量揭晓:缩水太严重

It was found that the iPhone 8 has almost the same battery capacity with the iPhone 6 while the iPhone 7 offered the large battery capacity at 1,960mAh. The battery capacity for the iPhone 8 Plus also declined to 2,675mAh instead of 2,900mAh battery offered on the iPhone 7 Plus.

It seems like sacrifice has to be make to compensate the space of the newer hardware components. (But battery life matters too….)

Source : 驱动之家