Nintendo sues leader behind hacker team that sells Switch’s cracking tool

Nintendo recently filed an infringement lawsuit against Gary Bowser, the leader of Team Xecuter, the team that cracked the Switch console, accusing Gary Bowser of making and selling the Nintendo Switchcrack tools which infringes Nintendo’s rights.

According to Polygon reports, those crack tools sold by Team Xecuter, such as SX Core, SX Lite and SX Pro is able to crack Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite hosts at the hardware level. After the player has cracked the console, they can run third-party systems, download pirated games, and play pirated games on Nintendo Switch!

Nintendo stated in the lawsuit that Bowser’s chips put more than 79 million Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite on the market at risk of piracy! Therefore, Nintendo will seek compensation of US$2500 (approximately RM10,315) for each cracking kit sold by Bowser and US$150,000 (approximately RM620,000) for each copyright violation.

It is worth mentioning that Bowser and his partner Max Louarn were arrested on 11 different counts as early as 2020, and now they are adding this lawsuit, which can be said to have worsened the situation