DxOMark’s selfie reviews on HONOR V30 Pro: Scores averaging at 76 marks!

Coming into the third week of DxOMark selfie review, they have done the new Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra which currently take the lead with score at 100. Today, they have publicize the review on the HONOR V30 Pro which is a flagship HONOR smartphone powered by Kirin 990 5G technology. According to the review, the HONOR V30 Pro selfie score is rated at 76 where camera takes 70 and video takes higher score at 85.

It currently sits on 7th on the selfie camera spot.

Tests have shown that the front camera of HONOR V30 Pro can record pretty good selfie videos. The details are excellent and it offers stability but there is still some improvement needed to get higher score.

Another room for improvement goes to static camera performance. It is caused by inaccurate colour accuracy, narrow depth of field and excessive beauty in post processing.



Pros on photos:

Good facial exposure and skin tone when selfie taken with flash activated. Much lesser noise in environment with sufficient lights.

Rooms for improvement for its photos:

The excessive beauty effect leads to the loss of facial details. Some detail is also lost because of the narrow depth of field. Saturation and contrast is lacking under light.

Bokeh effect is inconsistent with depth estimation artifacts

Pros on videos:

Accurate exposure of face targets, accurate and stable white balance in bright light and indoor shooting, good texture when focusing on the subject, good anti-shake effect in outdoor environment

Rooms for improvement for its videos:

Limited dynamic range results in highlight clipping, narrow depth of field that resulting in loss of detail when shooting at a long distance, poor color rendering, slightly insufficient skin color saturation (especially in low light), occasional color shift and fringing artifacts.