DxOMark reviews on Sony Xperia 1: on par with Pocophone F1

DxoMark has updated their benchmark chart after reviewing the Sony Xperia 1. However, the camera does turns own to be slightly dissapointing with a rating at 91, making itself the 33th and on par with Pocophone F1.

The Sony Xperia 1 is awarded with 94 for rear camera, 84 for videography and selfie for 78.

索尼Xperia 1 DxOMark拍照测试仅得91分:排名第33

The advantage of the Xperia 1 camera goes to that fast autofocusing time and good low light performance.

However, the HDR is insensitive to some in-door and outdoor poor light environment which makes the image appears blurry and noisy.

The stabilization also works great and offers a great white balance. It suffers on excessive repetitive focus and limited dymamic range where some detail will be lost.

索尼Xperia 1 DxOMark拍照测试仅得91分:排名第33