Google Chrome to unleash its maximum potential in new project

The famous Google Chrome browser is one of the latest browser that features maximum functionality that comes in a simple and minimalist design. With more than 51% of all internet users online, most users has complained on its RAM usage during multitasking with the addition of add-ons, which is insufficient and not capable for older computer systems.

The Google Chrome will soon use a new compression engine Brotli that compress 26% more data than the current Zopfli compression engine. The compression of the data also will significant improves the website loading time and even reducing battery usage.

Google stated that Brotli is the new standard for browser and Chrome will be one of the pioneer of this compression engine followed by Firefox. The Chrome for Desktop and mobile is now for future updates which includes the utilization of minimizing website data with the new Brotli engine.

For those who wish to try out this new compression engine can experience it through Google Canary available here.


Source: appappapps