Google launches Android 8.0 (Go Edition) for entry level smartphones!

On the Google I/O 2017 happening on May this year, Google has an upcoming project named Android Go that aims to provide new Android OS experience with better features and security towards entry level device. The new kind of Android is named Android Go and it comes packed with a smaller firmware size and thus making more space available for low tier devices with limited amount of storage.

The Android Oreo Go Edition is designed for those smartphone that has low amount of RAM ranging from 512MB to 1GB. It will ensures that the new smartphone with newer system can experience Android Oreo fluidly. Apps from the Android Oreo Go Edition is also highly optimized in the firmware which includes Youtube, Google Maps and Chrome.

There is even an optimized version of Google Play for low RAM smartphones so that you can download apps through a trusted source. On the other hand, the optimized version of Google Play will be recommending featured apps that meets the demands for entry level smartphone.

The Android Oreo Go Edition is part of the Android Open Source Project and it is open for all developers and manufacturers to push it to their consumers.