Here are you can get 5GB Huawei Mobile Cloud for free & 50GB Mobile Cloud for RM0.10!

Still remember that we published that Huawei is giving away free 5GB Huawei Mobile Cloud? Now we will show you the tutorial on where to get this promotion for your Huawei phone and claim your 5GB online storage.

  • First HMS users go to the “Setting” interface
  • Then click and log in to “Huawei ID”
  • Turn on “Cloud Backup / Cloud” synchronization
  • Users will get 5GB of cloud storage provided by Huawei for free

When you click “Upgrade Cloud Storage” to sign up for 50GB of Huawei in the first month, it only cost RM0.10! Pricing revert to standard at RM3.9 for the next month. However if you use Huawei Mate 30 series, you can get 50GB of free Huawei Mobile Cloud service for 3 months!

In addition, in the current time there are total of 29 local apps have joined AppGalley, such as: My Astro, 988, The Star Malaysia, Malaysia Airlines, Celcom and other applications.

Not only that, Huawei also offers many benefits for users. Users only need to log in to the “User Center / Member Centre” to get Huawei’s latest offers and promotions details.