HUAWEI Malaysia brings WiFi AX3 with WiFi 6+ & NFC support for RM299

HUAWEI Malaysia has unveiled a brand new router which can supports the newest WiFi standard – WiFi 6 Plus. The router also supports NFC for seamless file sharing with HUAWEI smartphone and this router will be available to pre-order on 7th July and available on retail store from 10th July onward.

The HUAWEI WiFi AX3 is powered by quad-core Gigahome processor which has four independent signal amplifier. It enhances the current WiFi 6 standard thus supporting the new WiFi 6 Plus.

Another iconic feature of the WiFi AX3 is the NFC connectivity. You will no longer needed to key in long password where everything can be connected through NFC. This router is also certified for EAL5 level of security on financial enterprise grade.

The retail price for this router is at RM299. You can pre-order this through HUAWEI Mid-Year sale which was held on 7th July. Click here for more information or you could get it on Lazada and Shopee too