HUAWEI P40 Pro Premium Edition leaked with LPDDR5 RAM & Matrix camera

According to the infamous leaker @RODENT950, HUAWEI P40 series will have total of 3 variants. It will be the HUAWEI P40, P40 Pro and P40 Premium (instead of P40 Lite). The new Premium Edition variant could offer higher performance compared the the P40 Pro spec wise.

It is suggested that the P40 Pro Premium Edition will be offering LPDDR5 RAM and powered by Kirin 990 5G and sporting a penta matrix camera.

There are also total of three HUAWEI devices obtained Bluetooth certification last year which has the model name ANA-AL00/AN00/TN-00. The model number is recognized as the HUAWEI P40 lineup.

Other rumor suggested that the ELS-AN10 will be the HUAWEI P40 Pro or P40 Pro Premium Edition. Currently there isn’t much information on the P40 Pro Premium Edition yet.