Huawei to move 5G research center from US to Canada for production of 5G devices

With the recent ongoing restriction against Huawei, it has taken Huawei a big blow for operating business in US. Now, Huawei will be moving the the research and development center from US to Canada.

Ren Zhengfei also said that Huawei is planning to produce some mobile network equipment outside of China, and also hopes to open a new plant in Europe to produce 5G equipment, hoping to ease US concerns about Huawei equipment as a spy. In addition, according to a Global Post report, Huawei spent $ 510 million (about RM2.1 billion) on the operation of the US research department last year, and the department’s staff has been reduced by 600.

In addition, according to the Wall Street Journal’s recent analysis of UBS and the Japanese technology laboratory Formalhaut Techno Solutions, Huawei ’s Huawei Mate 30 mobile phone released in September does not contain a U.S. chip and is exclusively used by Dutch chip maker NXP Semiconductors