Huawei’s Harmony OS will be made open source from August 2020 onward

In the Huawei Talk conference held on 8th December this year, official stated that the Harmony OS will be made available on most smartphone, tablet, computers and Huawei’s gadget in 2020. The software is expected to be made open source from August 2020 onward.

Huawei consumer service VP expressed that the current Huawei smartphone will still features Android operating system as their primary platform. If Android were restricted by Huawei, Harmony OS will be continuing to improve and will be made open source next year.

Earlier on, Huawei executive also expressed that there will be less lines of codes in Harmony OS which offers better security. In the recent report by Counterpoint Research, Harmony OS will be overcoming Linux in end of 2020 to become the most popular terminal operating system.




Alex Wee

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