Jaybird brings X3 and Freedom sports earphone with 8 hours battery from RM669!

Jaybird is a relatively new brand which has just introduced in Malaysia under the hood from Logitech, which specifically focus on the development of sport earphones. Today, Jaybird has officially launched 2 new product – the X3 and Freedom Bluetooth earphones with a price tag at RM669 and RM699!

Jaybird X3 Wireless Sport:20706964_10155189947213248_2065968459_o_副本

The Jaybird X3 comes with Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity which allows two X3 to be paired on a single smartphone, or one X3 paired to 2 smartphones. It has an enhanced 6mm driver that produces loud sound while not compromising the earphone size so that it fits perfectly in the ear.




The X3 comes with a looped ear design which can be easily hanged around the ear. It offers 8 hours play time for your exercising needs and it is also sweat resistant.

Jaybird FREEDOM Wireless:



Despite the Jaybird Freedom only lasted around 4 hours, this bluetooth earphone can be hooked into an external charging device that extends music playback for another 4 more hours.






Currently the Jaybird X3 is available in Blackout black, Sparta white, Roadrash red and Alpha Green for the price tag of RM669. Meanwhile, the Freedom Bluetooth earphone comes with Carbon black, Gold, Blaze Red and Ocean blue as colour choice and priced at RM699.

Learn more about Jaybird Bluetooth earphones here.