Nokia is back on Android market with the C1!

After being managed by Microsoft, the era of Nokia has ended and the market share and total user of Nokia smartphones has started declining. However, there is a recent rumor suggest that Nokia will be back with a new Android smartphone. Codenamed C1, this Nokia phone packed with Intel Atom and 2GB RAM where they will be using this smartphone to compete with other Android smartphones in the market.



With a simplistic design in mind, the front of the Nokia C1 is covered in dark black whereas the rear was in pearl white. It also comes with 5′ Full HD display along with 8MP rear camera and 5MP front selfie camera. Although Nokia camera module always have a protruding design, but this time turns out it is totally flat.

Based on the specification, we can speculate that the C1 is a mid-range device. Since Nokia is now bound under Microsoft and not allowed to market any smartphones, this smartphone could likely surface the market on next year when the contract was decommissioned.

Source : GSMArena