The best entry level phone for just RM449 – Realme C1

The battle between the entry level smartphone has gone furious and brands like Xiaomi, vivo, oppo, Huawei, Samsung has their own stand on it. Realme is one popular brand which has been recently introduced into local market and their response in Indonesian market hinted the successful strategy in selling smartphone – focusing on design and price to value ratio.

The Realme introduction in Malaysia has brought us 3 phones and the most entry level smartphone is the Realme C1. It is now selling like hot cakes in Malaysia and there are 5 selling point that’s worthy to be your next daily driver.

1) Ultra large display: 6.2 inches (aspect ratio 19:9) display

Being a smartphone which is priced for not more than RM500 (or RM400 when you get during sale), the Realme C1 generously offer a large IPS LCD display at 6.2 inches and the aspect ratio of 19:9 matching today’s standard. The display is covered by Corning Gorilla Glass thus reassured that it would lives well with the keys in your pocket.

2) The largest battery of all entry level: 4230mAh!

It sucks to have a smartphone that’s running out of juice, regardless of which brand or model and performance it could deliver. The Realme C1 has the largest battery capacity in the industry with battery sized at 4230mAh, making it capable for 10 hours of gaming, 18 hours of web browsing, 15 hours of video playback. All of the battery time is carefully managed by the AI Power Master technology which further improves screen-on time.

3) AI Face recogntion for entry level smartphones!

Despite being an entry level smartphone, it still have AI facial recognition technology that further protects your smartphone against outsider. Although it doesn’t share the technology with Apple, it is capable to unlock the smartphone in 300 milliseconds, in just a blink of an eye.

4) A beautifully designed smartphone

Who say entry level smartphone have to suck at design? The Realme C1 has a notched display and a glossy rear panel that reflects light into another dimension, thus creating a new perspective on its appearance. Even the edges were curved so that it could rest on one’s palm gracefully, providing maximum comfort.

5) All of the above, for just RM499?

Yeah you heard that right. Forget about flagships if performance and trend ain’t your thing. The Realme C1 is a beautifully designed smartphone and packs with large battery and display for your all day usage and all of that is just worth at RM449!

If you think RM449 is still expensive, Realme Malaysia will be organizing a flash sale at Lazada by 10th December and the Realme C1 can be grabbed for just RM399! Stay tuned at Lazada if you want to grab it at a discounted rate!