UMobile P70 15GB quota extend till end of the year but not for Video-Onz

With the launch of Hero P98 postpaid package plan last week, this data-centric plan has make a great impact on other Malaysian telco as it is deemed as the most valuable postpaid package if the user has a strong desire on mobile internet quota. Meanwhile, the P70 postpaid plan launched last year is still able to enjoy unlimited calls and extended 15GB mobile internet till the end of this year but the unlimited Video-Onz video streaming data will be reduced to 7GB per month.


Still, 7GB of video streaming is deemed sufficient for casual video watcher, but probably not for those who watches videos and drama everyday long. The P70 15GB enhanced quota will be available for its subscriber till the end of the year (31st Dec 2016) while it will be revert back to 7GB per month on the next year.


Nevertheless, it is still valuable for a postpaid package to provide extra quota for video streaming and extra data for all your mobile internet needs. For more information, head-up to U Mobile official site


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